About Us

More than 500+ companies we provide IT Solution

Working with the GOVERNMENTS, NGOs, and with the PRIVATE SECTORS, by Introducing "360° DIGITAL INNOVATION PROGRAM"

Web Services & Application Development

We developed different APPLICATIONS into different INDUSTRIES to automate their processes and achieving their Business Goals, Mission and Visions, removing Wastes, and eliminate any Human Errors.

IT Consulting for Security & Process Standards

We're helping many companies to strengthen their SECURITY COMPLIANCE as well as improving their Operations by Introducing IT GLOBAL STANDARD PROCESSES.

9 Years in Service

9 years in providing IT Solution from Hardware and Software, System and Solution, and aligning our clients to Global and Best Practice Process Standards.


-2014 to 2015-
Supplying Servers and Computers to selected Private Companies


-2015 to 2018-
Software Solution Company for Private Sectors for IT System & IT Management Services


-2018 to 2019-
Transportation System Development Solution (Manila and Bataan)


-2019 to PRESENT-
with 360° Solution for the Government, targeting 7 Pilars (1) Healthcare (2) Tourism (3) Agriculture (4) Education (5) DSWD (6) Disaster & Response (7) Municipal Automations System

Our Team & Your Friends

Frequently Asks Questions

  1. KA1ROS DPS is offering FREE IT Consultation to evaluate your current Business Status
  2. We ensure Business Quality Processes to be implemented (ITIL alignment)
  3. 360° Experties for IT Infrastructure, IT Security and System Development
  4. We have the latest technology and automation that our customers need
  5. Outstanding Experienced in Different Business Industries
  1. Speadheading Client's Businesses into Digital Transformation, from Manual to Digital, achieving commitment of ROI 10x than the expected
  2. Evangelizing Businesses to adopt Digital Innovation in a very short period of time
  3. Became 1 of the IT Service Provider who gave solution against COVID-19 by providing COVOD-19 Testing Solution from 3 weeks test result down to 4 hours test result in a secured way
  4. Introduce DIGITAL INNOVATION Program in Selected LGUs in the Philippines and transform their processes to Digital (from Payment up to Process outputs)
  5. We have 360° Technology therefore, everything is POSSIBLE

Businesses who are open for Digital Innovation and Transformation, and even those Businesses who have doubt in Digital Technology then we are open to lead them into Digital World and get the full benefits that they can never imagine.